Monday, 5 February 2007

On Your Bike Mate

I might regret this but not only am I growing my hair for my mates wedding (at the request of his good lady) I have decided to get fit and loose a few pounds (about fifty) for the occasion too.
A few years ago when I did not own a car I cycled everywhere ran twice a week and played a bit of football you can imagine I was a bit thinner and fitter. All that changed when I became a car owner I gave up running sold the bike and now I drive everywhere I still play football (albeit at a very slow pace!)

So in an effort to speed this process along I have decided to start cycling to work. Today was the first day so yesterday I prepared for my long four mile ride in. The first thing I did was to dig out my old cycling lycra. Let me tell you it was not pretty the fact that I have to leave home at six in the morning when it is pitch black did not make me feel any better what if i got run over the doctors would not be able to stop laughing so I would be a goner. So with that in mind I decided not to risk the cycling shirt but the shorts were not too bad and i had a pair of trousers to go over them anyway.
The next thing to do was to prepare the bike luckily I got a new one just before christmas it has a special quick release pedal system which I have used before; Many a time when coming to a set of traffic lights unable to release my "quick release" pedals resulting in me toppling over to the shouts of Timber from smart arse taxi drivers, with that in mind they were tested thoroughly. Next to be checked were my lights, I like to be very visable so with this in mind I purchased a small floodlight system the only driver in the event of me being knocked off my bike to honestly claim to "not have seen me" would be David Blunkett as these lights are so bright people will think dawn has broken when I ride past their house. The testing finished all I had to do now was set my alarm and look forward to setting off on the road to health and fitness! (and a twelve hour shift).

The big day!

Well the alarm went off at 5:40 am and surprisingly I did not turn it off roll over and have twenty more minutes wake up late and jump in the car. No the spirit was willing i was up and ready to go within ten minutes.

Off I went and it all started very well I got to the end of my street in fine form then I hit the first hill, I must have rode into work that way hundreds of times but i would almost swear that it had got steeper. Could be my arse has got bigger not the hill!.Well i got into work feelin quite pleased with myself all in all a good start. The way home was easier it always is!

Heres to a good start I hope I can keep it up!

Saturday, 20 January 2007

Im Brian and so is my wife

well its time to meet the wife !

Here she is the most tolerant woman in the world!.

She actually has a bit of colour in this picture she`s normally pale blue,it takes about a week of sunbathing to get to this shade!.
Vicky works for Merseyside fire and rescue within central admin she has just graduated from university in business and finance from a part time course so she is now having a well earned break from studying.

Im hoping that with her new qualification she will get promoted so i can retire early and become a house husband I can just see it now, get up at nine do the housework watch some daytime TV you know the sort bargin hunt, cash in the attic then off to the golf course for nine holes back in time to cook dinner spend some time with the good lady. Who could ask for more!

well thats my missus catch y`all later

Thursday, 18 January 2007

You`ve got to start somewhere!

Well what do i do now!
Oh yeah tell you all about myself. What i do for work, fun and generally whats going on in my life!
First of all i`ve got to say who`s going to be interested well i suppose anyone who finds my blog and gets past the first page!
This is me in france doing a bit of trout fishing i managed two and a good case of sunstroke One nil to the fish i think. When im not in france i work for a university in Liverpool as a security officer.
I`ve been married to Vicky for nearly ten years and hopefully so long as she wants me another forty,fifty or sixty!! .
Well that will do for now.
See y`all soon